I wanted to give some quick background about how and why I got started on my health kick.

I was never what I would’ve considered fat. My weight was always in a decent range and like most people I noticed that as I got older I seemed to put on more and more weight each year and none of it ever seemed to come off. An increase of 3-5 pounds over the course of 6 months to a year never seemed like much, but when I consider those figures from the point in my life when I stopped growing in height (around the age of 17 or 18) until recently, I was carrying around an extra 35 pounds of weight for no reason.

In my family there are people of all shapes and sizes, but what bothered me most was the fact that the larger folks tended to have various health problems as well. Some people would say, “o, I have diabetes because it runs in the family” or “I have high blood pressure and heart troubles just like your great aunt so-and-so.” Their disease was not the only thing that they had in common with those who had passed before us. Their weight had also been an issue.

It got me thinking. I was easily on the same path. I had this feeling of invincibility and that I was young and had plenty of time to get my act together later on down the line. My diet and exercise habits weren’t the worst in the world, but there was clearly room for improvement.

One morning I was in the car on my way to school and the Steve Harvey Morning Show was on 107.5WBLS. That particular morning the show featured a guest by the name of J.J. Smith, a renowned nutritionist and certified weight-loss expert, relationship/life coach, and inspirational speaker (read more about J.J. Smith here). Steve was going on and on about her program and how wonderful he’s felt since starting. It wasn’t the usual rant about a quick fix. It was about how and why you should make a few lifestyle changes that could have powerful and lasting good consequences for your health. I won’t write too much about that here, but if you’re interested there is more information in her book which you can find out about on her website.

The system purported by the book starts off with a detox. This is where it all began. Again, if you’d like to find out more about the detox in detail, read the book, but for me, those were a revolutionary 21 days. I had never felt better in my life. No sugar, no meat, no fish, no dairy, no white starches, and no alcohol.

I had more energy than I’d had in a very long time.

I slept like a baby.

My thoughts were clearer than ever.

I lost weight.

And then the cleanse ended. And I stopped feeling stupendously.

I wanted to get that back. I needed to get that back. So I did some research. I watched Forks Over Knives, The Weight of the Nation, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, and other very worthwhile documentaries. At the heart of each of was the message that a whole foods plant-based diet is best not only for the sustainability of one’s individual health, but the over sustainability of the planet.

I hope this small blurb and the posts that will soon follow encourage you to discover the benefits of this lifestyle on your own.


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